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English London Escorts

English Escorts are in London now but come from many parts of the UK. Some also like to refer to them as British Escorts. These beauties come from many different backgrounds many works as Escorts to get through university while others may be glamour of fashion models. You may also find a few well-known porn stars in the mix as well.

All are stunning in their own special ways and are particularly popular with gentleman visiting London on business.

Luckily there are always new companions coming into London and we know that you will not want to miss out.

Are British Escorts in London easy to find

British Escorts in London are not as easy to find as you may think. There are also not as many in London as you may think. This is because mostly Eastern European Escorts and these ladies dominate London make up the bulk of them in London.

There are a few London Escort Agencies that deal with just or mostly English Escorts, and these are often run by women who used to be Escorts themselves. This may be a good starting point to plan your appointment in London.

What about Independent English Escorts

There are a few of these in London. These tend to be more higher end Escorts charging several hundreds of pounds an hour. Saying that English Escorts are traditionally more expensive than other types of Escorts.

You tend to find English Escorts in the more upmarket areas of London. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your budget. You will not find any of these Escorts offering quickie or 30 min appointments. This is something that you would have to travel outside of London for.

You can outcalls more easily though as being English these ladies do blend in very easily in the background, so discretion is assured.

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